Kate York

After a Decade, Buddy & Julie Miller Make Time for ‘Breakdown’

New Album Features "Spittin' on Fire," "Everything Is Your Fault"

“The songs just came like I had a radio station on in my head.”

That’s how Julie Miller recalls the process leading up to the creation of her and husband Buddy Miller’s new album, Breakdown on 20th Ave. South, for which she wrote all the songs. The reference in the title is to the Nashville street on which the Millers’ home and studio are located.

“Julie’s had some physical problems that’s kept her from touring,” says Buddy, “and it’s kind of made it difficult for us to work together.” Besides touring with and producing a legion of other artists, Buddy also held down the demanding post of music producer for the Nashville TV series.

“I’ve got a nice home studio where I’ve recorded a lot of people and made a lot of records,” he continues. “But we recorded this one up in a little four-by-four corner of our bedroom because Julie didn’t want to come down [into the main studio]. I didn’t really know we were making a record. I was just recording some of her songs.”

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