Jake Owen and Miranda Lambert in Last Weekend’s Greatest Hits

The Top 10 Posts You Might've Missed

You know summer is in full swing when almost all of the social posts from country stars over the weekend are the outdoorsy kind. But if you were doing your own outdoorsy things, you might have missed some of what they had to say. Here’s a collection of some of the artists’ best posts.

1. Miranda Lambert’s husband was frying chicken while she was sweet tea sippin’.

2. Jake Owen’s little plus on — baby Paris — joined him at her first concert.

3. Brad Paisley, just like the rest of us, is obsessed with Riley Green.

4. Old Dominion spent their downtime up high in Idaho.

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#dayoff hiking in Idaho.

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5. Cole Swindell got to bring a couple of his pro golf buddies backstage.

6. Carly Pearce is on a strict wine-and-ice-cream diet and hopes her wedding dress still fits.

7. Lauren Alaina got the healthiest kind of high out in Colorado.

8. Tyler Hubbard’s daughter Olivia is the world’s cutest neat freak.

9. Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany shared a picture of their son clinging tight to his first deer.

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Memphis – Lover of all deer

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10. Brittany Aldean also had some solid advice for anyone watching a loved one get close to the end of their life.

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So, last August 4th my dog passed away, and exactly one hour later I lost my grandma. (Which if you know me you know how much I loved both of them) She was my person! The only one who I’d let hold me when I was little and the sweetest, most fun lady I’d ever met☺️ (literally had drinks with Jason and I till she was over 90) I went to visit her a few months before and I decided to record our conversation. I asked her question upon question. When did you get married? What was your first job? What advice do you have for me? And maaannnn… Im so thankful I chose to do that. I have peace in knowing you are having such a blast in heaven-the life of the party, no doubt! Miss and love you beyond words….

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