The Mavericks Take Control with New Music, ‘90s Hits

30th Anniversary Tour Now Underway

As a country band emerging from the Miami club scene, The Mavericks have always sounded different – and that distinctive sound has carried the award-winning band across three decades. The band broke out internationally in the ’90s with dazzling singles like “O What a Thrill,” “What a Crying Shame,” and “Here Comes the Rain.”

Marking the 30th anniversary of the Mavericks’ formation this year, founding members Paul Deakin and Raul Malo and longtime members Eddie Perez and Jerry Dale McFadden caught up with CMT Hot 20 Countdown before a gig in Texas. Rather than rehashing their ’90s heyday — when they won a Grammy and a couple of CMA Awards — the Mavericks today are most interested in the present, as a new generation of fans are thrilled to discover them.

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