Racing Wives Sneak Peek: Sushi Sours With a Shadowy Text

Amber's got a big meeting coming up at KBM, but is it a good thing or cause for concern?

Sushi between new friends Amber and Mariel will sour on the next episode of Racing Wives when famed Kyle Busch Motorsports exec Samantha Busch sends a shadowy text message Amber’s way. Is it a good thing? Cause for concern? In the sneak peek below, the ladies simply don’t know what to make of it.
In the wake of the premiere episode’s Catwalk for a Cause debacle, in which Samantha berated Amber for taking a shot at an upscale charity event, Amber — who’s angling for sponsorship from KBM — feels a little on edge. And her fears certainly aren’t mitigated when Samantha sends her a cryptic note that asks her to meet at KBM. Amber, who can’t make heads or tails of the tone, asks for clarity, but gets none. And then, she starts to panic.

“Basically our last conversation was her being like, ’Amber that’s unprofessional. Like, I took you here, you’re my guest and that looks bad on me,'” Amber tells Mariel.

And Mariel, who’s keenly aware of the racing world’s pecking order, advises Amber to do whatever she needs to do to remain in Samantha’s good graces.

“Just be careful,” Mariel says. “You don’t want to get on Samantha Bush’s bad side. She has a lot of power in this sport, and she’s not afraid to exercise it.”


Think Amber’s in for more trouble with Samantha, or are Amber and Mariel overthinking what might actually be a good thing? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the second Racing Wives episode Friday at 10/9c!