DCC: Making the Team Ep. 2 Recap: Field of Dreams

Phil Hosts a Dance Party, Need We Say More?
Judy Trammell is seriously hoping everyone brought their game face and their brain to the second round of auditions for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders training camp.

It’s choreography day on the second episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team, y’all, and Trammell will be the first to tell you: you can’t afford to be off to make the team.

“You need to be able to pick up choreography quickly and make adjustments on the fly,” the former DCC and now chief choreographer revealed.

So Phil takes the girls to the field makes sure they know to bring it.

And just like that, the first set of choreography is tossed out with Trammell and several veterans (hi, Kashera and Lacey!!!)

Everyone is shell-shocked (I’m mean, our heads are still spinning.)

And then came the kick line. THE kick line, the signature move of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. From our perspective, everyone did really well for it to be their first time. (We’re still trying to figure out the choreography from 10 minutes ago…)

Aspiring team members we met this week:

Katy, the current UCLA Dance Team Captain. She’s got a buddy on the inside: reigning DCC Daphne, who was also a former UCLA dance captain. “She’s always there for me and it’s really comforting,” Katy said. Why does she dance? As a soul-inspiring creative outlet to help her cope with dyslexia. She took her first tour of the stadium with her dad. Aww.

Chandi, a beautiful and bright Arizona native, and former ballerina makes her first appearance tonight. Chandi shares that she’s adopted, and explains that when she was young, her parents divorced and she was bullied. Dance brought her joy, but she also relies on her mom and family as her rocks. You know they are very proud of her.

A stunning international hopeful: we met Mei from Japan, who’s technique was second only to her gorgeous smile. Mei’s mother was a dance instructor so dance is basically in her genes…so is determination. “If you try you can do it,” Mei said. All she wants is to make her family proud and show gratitude for their unwavering support over the years. And we just want to hug her so hard!

So back in on the official dancefloor, the ladies give it one final push for the judge’s approval…but not before Phil starts a dance party to loosen up their nerves and have some fun.

Phil, you truly are the real MVP.

When the final votes come in, there is understandably a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. But there is also hope and the promise of one more chance for the finalists: Kristin, Chandi, Lily, Alexandra, Meredith, Ashley, Victoria, Katy, Gina Marie, Kat, Madeline S, Amanda, Bret, Malena.

Of course, the tears began flowing once again when we returned to the locker room for our retiring veterans to say goodbye. But it’s just like Kelli said, “Once a DCC, always a DCC.”

Amen, sister. We love you ladies.

Tune in next week, Aug. 16 for a brand-new episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on CMT.

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