Racing Wives Ep. 2 Recap: Historic Nights + Dinner Party Fights

Take another look at everything that went down in Episode 2, complete with some seriously shady GIFs.

While one family made history on the second episode of Racing Wives (the Busches can’t be stopped!), a group dinner took a darker turn with some historic shade. Look back at the most noteworthy moments from Episode 2, which also found Amber in some seriously hot water.

  1. The ladies make waves at Charlotte Race Week

    While Mariel runs the show on the brand side, Ashley, Samantha and Whitney lend serious support to their racer husbands.

  2. Samantha keeps her fingers crossed that Kyle comes through

    If Kyle wins, he’ll be the first racer in history to come in first place at every track.

  3. Whaddya know: Kyle becomes a record-breaker

    And the family showers him with love. Aww…

  4. Meanwhile, Mariel basks in another celebratory tradition

    That’s certainly one way to get clean!

  5. Amber, however, is feeling less festive

    Once again, she mistakenly crosses Sam Busch, who says she’s on thin ice with KBM.

  6. And Sam’s not sure if Amber’s the right fit

    Is Amber’s KBM career over before it even starts?

  7. But, happier times: Ashley’s party is in full swing!

    The drinks are flowing and the ladies can’t get over Ash’s beautiful estate.

  8. Still, Mariel’s not totally comfortable

    She’s not the biggest fan of the Busch wives, and doesn’t keep her doubts a secret.

  9. But Mariel’s determined to keep her friendship with Whit alive

    Whitney might be drinking the Busch Kool-Aid, but Mariel isn’t about to let her abandon favorite activities like silly photo shoots.

  10. But silliness turns to tension, and Sam offends Whitney

    Samantha accuses Whitney of dressing inappropriately, leading to some serious awkwardness.

  11. And Mariel’s swoops in to back up her BFF

    She’s had about enough, and is ready to pop off.

  12. So, she uses a group game to throw some shade

    The group challenges Mariel to imitate Ashley, and the result is…not so flattering.

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