Racing Wives Episode 3: Hoedowns, Throw-Downs + Dinos

From disastrous dinner party fallout to a dinosaur-themed birthday, these racing ladies had a lot on their plates.

After surviving a historic race and a dinner party from hell, the ladies of Racing Wives seemed intent on playing nice through Episode 3.

But…yeah, that didn’t last very long.

After an incredibly awkward meal, which found Samantha insulting Whitney’s wardrobe and Mariel delivering an…unflattering…impression of Ashley, BFFs Mariel and Whitney seemed divided on how to proceed.

Mariel called Whitney out for rolling over and taking judgment, something that Mariel said wasn’t previously a part of Whitney’s character. Whitney, though, insisted she was just playing nice, and had to “act the part” to ensure she wasn’t left behind in North Carolina’s elite racing social circle.

And while Whitney was prepared to let bygones be bygones, she still thought it was best — so that Mariel didn’t offend any of the party’s other guests — that the two of them fly the coop. And so, they did. But not before Sam apologized to Whitney for insulting her.

“This is a very hard life to have,” Samantha warned. “You’re under a microscope and I was trying to give advice, but I don’t think it came off that way.”

As far as Whitney was concerned: No, it didn’t.

Someone who managed to fight her way out from under the microscope, though, was Amber. After unintentionally offending Samantha at a KBM fan event by signing autographs without official sponsorship, Amber called to apologize. And while Sam was still wary of Amber’s potential to slip up, she said she believed in Amber as a racer, and was still eager to get her a formidable sponsor.

Still, Samantha had other concerns — namely, her son Brexton’s third birthday party. Sam went all out with dinosaur-themed decorations, which left her husband, Kyle, scratching his head. Sam said that while she was from a big, loud, Italian family, Kyle was raised more quietly and conservatively, and that when they clashed, it usually centered on that discrepancy.

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