Racing Wives Ep. 3 Recap: Dinosaurs + Cold Wars

There was a ton to cheer (and jeer) about on the latest episode — check out a GIF recap.

Things got cheery (dinosaur-themed birthday party!!!) and jeery (a cold war between Mariel and the Busch wives is intensifying) on the latest episode of Racing Wives. But is a ceasefire on the horizon? Here’s what went down in Episode 3, as told by some brand new GIFs for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Ashley’s dinner party ends just as awkwardly as it begins

    Mariel and Whitney have certainly made an impression — but it…probably wasn’t the right one.

  2. Still, Whitney decides to take it on the chin and move on

    Samantha apologizes to Whitney for insulting her wardrobe, and Whitney decides to accept the olive branch.

  3. But she knows her challenges aren’t over

    During a spa day with Mariel, Whitney and Mariel agree that they’ll be kind to the Busch sisters, but that they have their guards up.

  4. All the while, Amber struggles to make amends with Samantha

    Amber breaks down the unexpected argument to her mother, and insists she never meant to cause a fuss at KBM.

  5. And finally, she makes strides

    Amber and Sam manage to clear the air, and now, Sam is eager to get Amber sponsorships.

  6. But all’s not well

    Amber, who expected her boyfriend to move from Canada to North Carolina to be with her, suddenly learns he’s staying put — thankfully, Whitney’s there to offer comfort.

  7. Let’s shelve the sadness, though — time to party!

    On one side of town, Ashley and Samantha celebrate the birthday of Sam’s three-year-old son, who gets the dinosaur wonderland of his dreams.

  8. And on the other side of town…

    Mariel, Whitney and Amber drink, dance and ride the mechanical bull at Whitney’s annual hoedown.

  9. Good times? Yes. Shade? Yes.

    No good party’s complete without at least a little bit of gossip.

  10. Merriment can only last for so long…

    At an industry event, Mariel is perturbed to find Whitney volunteered them both to model for Sam’s new clothing line.

  11. And Mariel’s got one quick answer:


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