Racing Wives Ep. 4 Recap: Fast Friends, Faster Fallouts

Amber got a very pleasant surprise, while Whitney and Mariel's friendship continued to suffer.

While some friendships are finally in motion after stalled starts on Racing Wives, Episode 4 has proven that others have topped out, and might be reaching an eventual finish line.

After an *incredibly* awkward moment at a Pocono industry event in which Mariel rejected Whitney’s invitation to model for Samantha’s clothing line, BFFs Mariel and Whitney continued to come apart at the seams. While Whitney was intent on finding inclusion among Charlotte’s established racing wives, Mariel continued to feel slighted by the group. Tensions came to a boil at a group dinner where Mariel refused to let Whitney sit next to her.

“I don’t know what’s going on with Mariel, but we’ve had more disagreements in the past few weeks than we’ve had in our whole friendship, and I just don’t get it,” Whitney said.

Whitney, out of options and without her closest friend to lean on, sought advice from Ashley over lunch. While Ashley and Whitney didn’t necessarily get off on the right foot (who could forget that disastrous dinner?!), Ashley said she’d grown fond of Whitney, and that she hoped Mariel would eventually wise up.

“I’m sure she’ll come back around and understand where you’re coming from too,” Ashley said.

Elsewhere in town, Amber — who’d had a rough few weeks — finally got some good news. While she was devastated to learn that her football-playing boyfriend Jordan wouldn’t be moving to North Carolina as originally planned to live with her (Jordan was recruited by a team at the eleventh hour), a fortuitous phone call gave Amber the shot in the arm she desperately needed.

After a bummer of a FaceTime in which Jordan told Amber he wouldn’t be able to see her for a month, Amber’s doorbell rang, revealing — to her total shock — Jordan, in the flesh. Amber had been convinced that Jordan’s career might eventually spell the end of their relationship, but suddenly, things seemed hopeful again.

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