Hunter Hayes Assumed Nobody Would Hear His New Album

Wild Blue, Part I Includes "Heartbreak"

After a personally tumultuous time, Hunter Hayes decided to write and record whatever he wanted, figuring that it would never see the light of day. Instead, those sessions led to his brand new album, Wild Blue, Part I. He invited CMT host Cody Alan into his home for a chat about the new music.

Cody Alan: Leading into this album, it’s been a little while. So… some stress, some pressure, but at the same time there must be some relief that you can get to the point you can release it, right?

Hunter Hayes: Yeah. I mean, the stress, the pressure, are honestly all gone. And that’s the beauty of this album. That’s why I love this album so much, because it’s the album that I made assuming the world would never hear it, and it’s the stuff that I’ve most proud of.

What do you mean, “assuming the world would never hear it”?

When I started out on Wild Blue, it was the first time that I’d ever had an album that I named before I started working on it. The intentionality of this was, I had been writing so much knowing that everyone was watching.

And this was the first project, the first series of music that I made, honestly assuming that no one would ever hear it. And it removed a lot of the filters. It just got rid of all the things in my way. And it allowed me to start writing about things, again with the safety net that I don’t have to release it if it’s too personal.

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