Racing Wives Ep. 4 Recap: IDK, My BFF Sam?

Whitney got close to Sam and drifted further away from Mariel on the latest episode of 'Racing Wives' — check out what happened in this GIF recap.

The laws of push and pull played a critical part on the latest episode of Racing Wives, which found Whitney caught between a rock and a hard place (or, more specifically, between Sam and Mariel). Still, it wasn’t all bad news — Amber had a romantic reunion for the ages, and Sam made a couple’s dreams come true. Check out the biggest moments from Episode 4 in GIF-form.

  1. Mariel’s Fed Up

    After the disastrous dinner party, Mariel’s furious that Whitney volunteered her to be a part of Sam’s photo shoot…and kinda cuts her off.

  2. So, Whitney Gets Comfort From a New Friend

    Ashley proves to be a valuable sounding board for Whitney in light of her fallout with Mariel.

  3. Whitney Keeps Her Promises

    If you make a commitment, Whitney says — you keep it. And so, she heads out to Sam’s photo shoot.

  4. Whit + Sam: New BFFs?

    Whitney and Samantha take some super-close BFF pics at the photo shoot, and Mariel is *not* pleased. Does this spell the end of Maritney?

  5. Amber Gets The Surprise of a Lifetime

    After resigning herself to the idea that she and her boyfriend are on the outs, her football-playing BF shows up out of nowhere to surprise her.

  6. And The Couple Doesn’t Waste a Moment…

    If you catch our drift…

  7. All The While, Sam Slaps on Her Charity Hat

    Sam and Kyle’s Bundle of Joy Fund helps couples struggling to conceive to afford IVF treatments, but finding the right applicants is proving difficult.

  8. And Kyle’s…Not Really Helping Matters

    Good racer? Yes. Good housekeeper when Sam’s busy? Not so much…

  9. Finally, Sam and Kyle find the right fit.

    Sam fancies herself an Oprah of sorts, and plans a huge surprise party to give the Bundle of Joy recipients the good news.

  10. SURPRISE!!!

    Frankly, if this didn’t make you cry, you’re made of stone.

  11. Don’t Forget: Mariel’s Got a Wedding to Plan…

    But there’s one animal that won’t make it onto the guest list.

  12. Here’s Hoping Whitney Remains Maid of Honor, Though…

    Mariel’s hubby-to-be tells her to let the argument go and to make amends with Whit, but will Mariel be able?

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