DCC: Making the Team Trivia: Season 14, Ep. 5

Think You Can Ace Our Episode Five Quiz?

I know, I know: we, too, had to buckle our seatbelts when last week’s (Aug. 30) episode of DCC: Making the Team really took off.

We suspected that cuts would be coming tonight and spoiler alert, they did. But on the bright side, the girls got to put on that famous DCC uniform for the first time and even we at home were bursting with pride.

A big new challenge on the field, an iconic uniform, and a fierce special guest choreographer…how much do you remember from season 14, episode 5? An all-new DCC Trivia is here!

A brand new episode of DCC: Making the Team airs Friday, Sept. 6 at 9 PM ET/8 CT on CMT.

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