Racing Wives Episode 5 Recap: Building Bridges (and Burning Others)

Whitney and Mariel made amends but Sam and Ashley butted heads on the latest episode — check out a complete GIF-recap.

It was a tale of reconciliation for BFFs Mariel and Whitney on the latest Racing Wives episode, but are Sam and Ashley headed — like their husbands — for a cold war? Check out what happened in Episode 5 as told through a series of GIFs, made fresh for your collection!

  1. Whitney’s Not Well

    Whit tries to stay strong amid her fallout with Mariel, but things are still tough — even with new friends Sam and Ashley by her side.

  2. But Things Might Be Even Tougher for Sam

    Amid a trip to Chicago, Sam reveals to her husband that things are not exactly going according to plan with respect to a second pregnancy (and he decides to maybe break the bed during the chat).

  3. And Sam Finds Trouble With Ashley, Too

    Upon arriving in Chicago, Ashley, who’s supposed to be Sam’s cheerleader, voices doubt that Sam’s protege, Amber, can measure up.

  4. But Sam’s Not Backing Down

    Sam’s frustrated that Ashley isn’t keeping the faith, and reminds her that Amber was Rookie of the Year and routinely wins races.

  5. Meanwhile, Amber Confronts Family Issues

    During a trip home to Canada, Amber struggles to earn the approval of her father, but the two finally see eye to eye after sharing a day at the tracks.

  6. Back Home, Mariel’s Tired of the Drama

    With a wedding coming up, Mariel says she needs Whitney, but doesn’t know how to mend fences.

  7. Finally, Whitney Extends an Olive Branch

    Whitney and her hubby plan a dinner with Mariel and her hubby-to-be, but things start out a little awkwardly.

  8. At Long Last, Things Start Looking Up

    Whitney apologizes to Mariel for appearing to leave her behind to cultivate relationships with Sam and Ashley, and Mariel concedes that she may have overreacted.

  9. And Suddenly, A BFF-ship Is Reborn

    The dinner goes exactly according to plan, and the tacos aren’t bad either.

  10. So Now That We’ve Reached Ceasefire, Let’s Plan This Wedding!

    Mariel’s thrilled she finally has her best pal Whitney back on her wedding-planning team — and, she’s pumped to exchange vows at the same winery that hosted Whitney’s wedding.

  11. Because Frankly, There Are More Important Things to Worry About

    Love conquers all!!!

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