Jessie G Lives in the Moment in “Whatever This Is”

Gretchen Wilson Directed the New Video

Jessie G is showing a new side of herself in the world premiere video for “Whatever This Is.” The fun-loving new artist shares with about what this video shoot was really like.

What do you remember most about shooting this video?

The day we shot the video, the building’s elevator stopped working so we had to pack up all the equipment, take three flights of stairs, and try not to get too sweaty! Gretchen Wilson was running around doing 10 different jobs, directing, being a stylist, AND running the music playback! It was a crazy day that turned into so much laughter and fun when we started shooting the video! It all came together naturally.

How does the video bring your song to life?

I think the video captures the fun, goofy, no-pressure vibe of the song. The song is all about living in the moment and not taking things so seriously. It’s spot on!

What message do you hope your fans take away from the video?

Some of my fans have only seen one side of me with the seriousness of my first single “Army Ranger.” I hope this video shows them the other sides of me and my music!

How did it feel to see the finished product for the first time?

Gretchen Wilson and I watched the first cut from the tour bus when we were out on the road. I smiled the whole time and we both looked and each other after and agreed that the video was perfect!