DCC: Making the Team Season 14, Ep. 5 Recap: New Uniforms and New Cuts

The Best GIFs from the Uniform Fittings to the Dance Floor to the Office...

In case you missed episode five of DCC: Making the Team, you missed a mighty big moment: the very first DCC uniform fitting. And that wasn’t all you missed! From the field to the rehearsal studio (hi, Travis Wall!) to the dreaded office visits, here’s a DCC GIF recap to get you all caught up!

  1. Everybody JUMP!

    The girls take to the field to learn a signature DCC move: the jump split. Some sailed (literally into the air) while others were stumped.

  2. You Gotta Just Try

    Meredith has NEVER done a jump split, and we’ll just say she definitely got farther than we ever would in our lifetime.

  3. Watch Out

    Gina Marie gave it her all, but got a great reminder that you can’t fall behind at the risk of hurting a teammate. Gosh, this is all so stressful.

  4. Measure Up

    After all the jumping, the girls were given a much-needed break and the biggest surprise: their first time to try on the famous DCC uniform.

  5. OMG

    We wouldn’t want to either, honestly.

  6. Assess the Situation

    This is why you always listen to your mother when she tells you to wear the right bra, ladies…

  7. A Total Moment

    For some of the girls, wearing the uniform was amazingly emotional and full-circle. We honestly wanted to cry, too.

  8. ”I’M BACK, Y’ALL”

    Emmy-winning choreographer Travis Wall returns to the rehearsal studio and can we just say WE’VE MISSED HIM.

  9. Live for the Applause

    Some of the ladies nailed Wall’s insanely creative and emotive choreography…

  10. Oh Girl

    Some were a little interesting, to say the least…


    But either way, it was a win-win of an episode.

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