Racing Wives Episode 6 Recap: Crashes + Bashes

The Daytona 500 proved to be a trip of a lifetime for some ladies, but a living nightmare for others.

With Whitney and Mariel’s Racing Wives friendship officially resurrected, the ladies wasted no time at the top of Episode 6 embarking on their next adventures. And while bridal shower dress shopping for Mariel was toward the top of the list, there was one huge event that preceded it: The Daytona 500.

And for Whitney, the race was a subject of both joy and horror.

Just a little bit after she and now-hubby Austin Dillon began dating in 2015, Austin had a terrible wreck at the annual race.

“Austin’s mom truly believes that that was the day that Austin was given a second chance,” Whitney said of the crash, which broke the racer’s car down to the bones. But Austin bounced back quickly, she noted, and confronted his fears so intensely that he wound up winning the same race’s more recent installment.

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