Trisha Yearwood’s Got This, Baby

Exclusive: The Every Girl Conversation

Trisha Yearwood stands as one of country music’s finest vocalists — but she’s no diva. True to the title of her new album, Every Girl, the Georgia native is quick-thinking, funny, and gracious, offering a hug and a thank you after the interview. Here she chats about listening for lyrics, the lessons she learned from her parents, and the one duet partner that she just had to have.

CMT: We’ll start with “Every Girl.” Is there a certain line in that song that grabbed you?

TY: The line I loved was, “You got this baby, so what if you don’t?” That’s the line to me that was saying we all try to be on our A-game and we all want to show our best selves, but we are all flawed and we all make mistakes and that’s OK. I love that lyric because it gives us permission to be who we are.

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