Racing Wives Episode 6 Sneak Peek: Ashley Watches in Horror as Kurt Crashes

Kurt's race comes to a fiery halt at the Daytona 500, and Ashley and Whitney are forced to bear witness.

Fender benders and blown tires are inevitable hiccups for any professional driver, but on the next episode of Racing Wives, Ashley will bear witness to a much more explosive accident: a twenty-plus car pileup that involves the total wreckage of her husband Kurt’s car.

In the video below, Ashley and Whitney casually chat as they watch their husbands — who’ve previously been heavy-hitters at the Daytona 500 — angle for additional wins. But the mood quickly shifts when Kurt’s car is clipped, he slams into the wall and a flood of sparks and twisted metal follow.

The ladies suddenly both look like they’ve seen ghosts, and can barely manage breaths.
“There’s cars wrecking left and right, like it’s crazy,” Ashley says as she watches in horror at the damage. “This is insane.”

“Kurt is always super amazing at avoiding wrecks and getting out of the craziest situations, but this year at Daytona, I’m pretty sure I jinxed him,” she adds.

Ultimately, Ashley gets word that Kurt is OK, but she flies the coop to be by his side just to ensure there’s no additional damage. And while Whitney tries to comfort her new friend with a hug, it’s clear Ashley is a little too frazzled to accept the gesture.

Can Kurt recover from such a brutal collision, and will Ashley stay strong enough to be his rock? Watch a brand new episode of Racing Wives Friday at 10/9c to see what happens.