Racing Wives Episode 6 Recap: I, Mariel, Don’t Take Thee, Sam + Ashley

Mariel's closer to walking down the aisle, and Amber's finally ready to rip up the racetrack — check out this GIF-recap.

It was one step further down the aisle for Mariel and one step closer to racetrack dreams for Amber on the latest episode of Racing Wives. Still, did Mariel’s bridal shower-slight ensure she, Sam and Ashley can never be friends? And will multiple crashes at the Daytona 500 shake the confidence of the ladies and their leading men? Check out a full GIF-recap of Episode 6 below!

  1. Mariel’s Got a Wedding Theme Set!

    But, clearly, there are some details that need to be worked out…like which animals will, indeed, appear.

  2. Plus She’s Got the Dress

    Still, she’s worried it might be a bit too much for a bridal shower…is it?

  3. Whitney Says: If You’ve Got it, Flaunt It

    Ultimately, Mariel agrees — if she’s extra, she should embrace it!

  4. Sadly, Not Everyone’s Invited

    While Sam and Ashley offer to help Mariel plan her big shindig, Mariel informs them that, sadly, they didn’t make the guest list. Yikes, yikes, yikes.

  5. On a More Positive Note: the Daytona 500!

    The ladies reflect on some of their husbands’ winning performances at the huge, annual event.

  6. The Guys Have Been So Victorious, They Even Got Commemorative Tattoos

    Guess trophies don’t cut it these days…

  7. But the Race Has Brought Turmoil, Too

    Kyle Busch and Austin Dillon have both had major crashes at the event, and Sam still remembers Kyle’s tough road to recovery.

  8. And, in Some Truly Bad Luck, Ashley’s Husband, Kurt, Adds to the List

    Thankfully, he’s OK, but you can see the horror on Ashley’s face.

  9. Could You See Amber Racing Along Such Big Shots One Day?

    She certainly can, and doesn’t hesitate to tell a potential sponsor as much during a desperate pitch.


    It’s been a long, long road, but Amber’s finally secured financial backing, and will be in a forthcoming race.

  11. And She’s on a Mission to Make a Name for Ladies

    You can be a huge threat to racing even if you wear nail polish to the track, Amber insists.

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