DCC: Making the Team Season 14, Ep. 7 Recap: Show Group Finals + Makeovers

And That All Important Point in the Triangle...
Alright, DCC fans, stretch it out and warm up because Show Group auditions are tonight. And we know from last week that this is going to be a serious day.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group is a special elite group that travels the world for USO tours, television appearances, etc. It consists of 16 ladies and this year, there are 11 returning veterans seeking to reclaim their spot. But as we know is DCC world, no spot guaranteed. Everyone tries out. Just because a rookie can makes show group doesn’t mean they make the permanent squad, too.


And even more exciting: IT’S MAKEOVER DAY. We love this. It’s always so fun when the girls get together with Marshall and Kevin at Tangerine Salon for a glam refresher. Nothing was too crazy this year except the decision to bring back Tammy Barber’s pigtails. We secretly loved it.

A makeover can give the confidence and the “wow” factor boost a girl may need to get her confidence up on the dance floor. It’s a super important part of the process in addition to being just fun.

The day goes smoothly. There were hardly any complaints or meltdowns. Shaina had the most dramatic transformation, but honey everyone was here for it. We love a redhead.

Next up, a stop at historic Gilley’s, where the girls where officially audition for show groups. We love this venue. And the judges’ deliberations will be held in the exclusive Bonnie and Clyde speakeasy. Stop it—how cool?!

So basically the choreography for auditions encompasses the signature DCC routine and kick line, then Charm’s hip hop, Travis’ contemporary, and Denise’s routine.

AND CHERYL BURKE is here?! Okay, seriously, STOP IT. Her DWTS partner, Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith always bragged on the girls and their talent. And she got to see Melissa, a former DWTS champ. It’s so great seeing her on the judges’ panel.

So any standouts? Yes. Rachel A., Taylor and a few others…overall? Conserving energy is the biggest issue for Cheryl. The dances should end better than they began.

Overall, this is a STRONG group. Even Judy admits that. But there are still only a few spots and there will be some disappointments.

Victoria gets major props in the room, Rachel W., too. But Jalyn… she wasn’t announced this year and immediately zipped off to the locker room. Kelli and Judy were less than impressed, thinking it was unprofessional and not supportive of the other girls, but we couldn’t help but wonder if she just needed a minute?

Show group was announced the next day: Daphne, Tess, Kelcey, Victoria, Ashley, Amanda, Caroline, and Rachel A. were announced on the show, though we know there will be 16 on the list.

Tonight’s guest choreographer? Kashera Garrett is back, y’all. The recently retired DCC also served as the last point of the infamous triangle. We love her and that accent. Yes, queen!

Kashera is also the queen of power and punch, and that’s exactly what the girls need to master to be a standout on the field.

Meredith and Madeline S. struggled, bless it. It’s a lot, granted, but we need to be further along. At least we’ve made it this far into the episode without any cuts…

The point is the lead: this is a huge responsibility. Caroline is Kashera’s pick…but will Kelli and Judy agree?

Then it’s time for office calls. The dreaded office calls. Remember, until now, we’ve not had any cuts tonight. First up is Jalyn. Obviously, Kelli and Judy wanted to discuss her mini-meltdown, which was pretty much what we suspected. She was upset with herself and worried that the judges were upset with her. The three of them worked it all out and in the end, Jalyn was safe for another week.

Next up was Lily. For Lily, showmanship has been an issue with the judges. Comments like, “she looks frozen,” and “she’s in her head” have dominated their thoughts up until this point, which is a problem. Showmanship is a huge part of the process, no matter how technical of a dancer you may be. Lily gets a warning and pep talk and is safe for another week.

Lastly was Alexandra. Though she is stronger this year than all the others, she’s not getting noticed by other choreographers. The bar is set so high this year that Kelli and Judy are just not sure than she can compete in the long run. Sadly, she is sent home tonight. Ugh, that was just brutal. She has come back so many years and given it her all. But, honestly, that was the classiest exit we’ve ever seen. Come drink some wine with us, girl. It will be alright.

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