Racing Wives Episode 7 Sneak Peek: Is Ashley Finally Coming Around on Amber?

Ashley's previously doubted Sam's protege, but it looks like a girls trip might change things.

Ashley admitted on the very first episode of Racing Wives that she can be tough, but has she finally softened on Amber, Sam’s racing protege?

In a sneak peek of Episode 7 below, Ashley — who’s invited the girls to her family farm in Virginia — says she’s looking forward to getting to know Amber better. And Ashley insists that while she expressed doubts about Amber’s talent during a previous trip to Chicago (if you’ll recall, Sam wasn’t too thrilled about Ashley’s lack of support), she’s ultimately hoping that the Canadian ace will succeed at an upcoming race in Hickory — Amber’s first as a KBM member and first in North Carolina.
“Amber and I definitely have a lot in common being both athletes and very driven,” Ashley says. “I mean, myself as a female polo player, I want to see Amber be successful, and I’m hoping after we spend some time together, I can understand what Amber’s all about.”

Still, that’s not to say Amber’s got a first-place finish in the bag. Sam, who’s been championing Amber since meeting her, says there’s still a lot to do if Amber intends to secure a victory.

“[The race] is less than a week away, and we have to take her to KBM to meet her crew chief, her team, get her seat fitted, but most importantly, we have to get her to Hickory to test,” Sam says. “She’s never been in these cars, she’s never been to that racetrack, that’s gonna be key to her success.”

Think Ashley’s getting closer to becoming an official Amber-fan, and will Amber be ready when the green light finally flashes at Hickory? Check out an all-new episode of Racing Wives Friday at 10/9c on CMT to find out!