Racing Wives Episode 7 Recap: Spinning Out + Falling Out

Sam, Ashley and Amber all took a relaxing trip to Virginia, but the good vibes didn't extend to Whitney and Mariel.

Expectation (more specifically, falling short of it) was the name of the game on Episode 7 of Racing Wives, and as soon as the green light flashed, tensions began rising.

While Whitney was busy helping Mariel put the final touches on her upcoming bridal party, Amber and Ashley joined Sam for a relaxing weekend in Virginia at Ashley’s family farm (because of family scheduling, Sam’s son Brexton tugged along, too). And straight out of the gate, Ashley admitted she may have been too quick to judge racing protege Amber (Ashley infamously voiced concerns to Sam, who’s been championing Amber for KBM, in Chicago).

Ashley noted that she was excited to get to know the Canadian ace better, particularly since they shared a handful of important qualities.

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