Everything Else Carrie Underwood and Jenny McCarthy Talked About

The Moment Isaiah Learned That, "Honey, Mommy Is the Tour"

But wait. There’s more.

Last week, when we shared some of Carrie Underwood’s sit-down with Jenny McCarthy, we were just getting started. Their conversation went on and on and on. Underwood was there with her Cry Pretty tour mates Maddie & Tae and Runaway June on McCarthy’s SiriusXM Town Hall special on The Highway.

And one of the very best highlights was when Underwood shared her son Isaiah’s real reason for wanting to tag along on her tour.

“He is really sweet, and he is really supportive. He was so excited to go back on tour. He’s just so social and he loves all the other ladies on tour. And he asked me, ’Mommy, are you going on tour? Are coming with us?’

“And my husband was like, ’Honey, mommy is the tour.'”
Isaiah is just starting to understand what it is his mom does for a living, she said. And when he watches her show, he showers her with compliments when she’s done. That said, he does have a pretty adorable ulterior motive. “He’s in love with Maddie (Marlow, from Maddie & Tae), so he’s more concerned with when she is gonna be on stage.”

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