Racing Wives Episode 7 Recap: Black Flag Friendship

Amber finally hit the racetrack, but Ashley and Sam pumped the brakes on their friendship with Mariel.

While Amber — who’s officially sponsored — finally hit the race track on the latest Racing Wives episode, Sam and Ashley officially began to pump the brakes on their friendship with Whitney and Mariel, who once again shot them down socially. Check out a complete GIF-recap of Episode 7, and hang tight for the finale!

  1. Has Ashley Come Around on Amber?

    Ashley was skeptical at first of Amber’s racing acumen, but decides during a weekend getaway at her family farm to open up.

  2. Samantha, on the Other Hand, Starts Shutting Down

    Sam breaks down after Ashley confronts her for being absent from what was supposed to be a girls’ getaway, and Sam admits she’s been overwhelmed.

  3. On a Lighter Topic…

    Not only do the girls have a wonderful time with Amber, they start to see that she’s got serious drive (and a sense of humor at the dinner table).

  4. Ashley Opens Pandora’s Box

    Ashley, no stranger to dinner party gaffes, recalls thinking that Sam was less-than-friendly when the sisters-in-law first met.

  5. Will She Come Around on Mariel, Too?

    Ashley invites both Mariel and Whitney to her husband, Kurt’s, 40th birthday party, but neither shows up, and she starts fuming.

  6. And Sam’s Starts to Wonder About Mariel + Whitney, Too

    Sam’s previously urged Ashley to give the BFFs the benefit of the doubt, but is suddenly wondering if it’s worth her effort anymore.

  7. In Fairness, the Ladies Have Had Their Hands Tied…

    Whitney says she missed Kurt’s party because she was simply too busy planning Mariel’s bridal party, for which Mariel is clearly primped and ready.

  8. Paul, However, Is Not

    Paul’s party-crashing, particularly in a white tank top, is hardly what Mariel had in mind. Married life looks promising!

  9. Nevertheless, It’s a Party for a Princess

    Let’s just say it: Whitney knocks it out of the park.

  10. But Will Amber?

    Amber finally makes it on to the track to practice in her new car, but a surprise guest — Kyle Busch — shows up and totally knocks her off her game.

  11. And She Starts Spiraling

    With Kyle in her ear, she starts losing her nerve and, eventually, spins out.

  12. Will She Get Back on Track?

    Let’s hope so — her big race is only a week away…

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