Jimmie Allen Brings “Best Shot” to CMT on Tour This Fall

He’ll Join Michael Ray on the Road

Jimmie Allen may or may not joking that you can expect anything from drum lines to Tarzan swings when he’s warming up the crowds for Michael Ray this fall with CMT on Tour. But one thing’s for sure — you’ll hear his breakout No. 1 hit, “Best Shot.” In this interview with CMT.com, Allen talks about switching tempos at the last minute, staying focused on melodies, and getting sick of his own song — in the best possible way.

CMT: Let’s talk about “Best Shot.” Why did you choose that song to introduce yourself to country fans?

JA: When “Best Shot” was first written and the label heard that song and another song called “Blue Jean Baby,” they put “Blue Jean Baby” out. And it did well on socials, I think it made the viral chart of all genres. But the head of radio promo heard “Best Shot” and he was like, “Man, there’s just something about this song that connects.” There’s an underlying message and melody, and it feels like the hook of the song really connects with people. That song changed my life. I wouldn’t be here talking to you without it. [laughs]

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