Racing Wives Finale Recap: Photo Finish

Did Amber sink or swim, and how did Mariel and Ashley move on from that blowup?

After eight weeks, scuffles that could sell out a stadium and more than one wicked wreck, Racing Wives — which follows the lives of women in North Carolina’s racing circuit — finally came to a close Friday night (September 20). So, did Amber, the show’s burgeoning talent, win big at her first circuit race? Were Ashley and Mariel finally able to bury the hatchet after sorting through inch-thick tension?

One more time: Let’s get off to the races.

Amber, who was just days away from her first big race with a sponsor, got off to a rocky start during a practice run with her brand new car (this, likely, was in no small part due to the sudden guest appearance of Kyle Busch). Amber seemed to get back on track after spinning out, but Sam — who’d been championing Amber for weeks — suddenly wondered if she’d invested too much into someone who simply wasn’t ready for the big leagues.

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