Racing Wives Finale Sneak Peek: Amber Nearly Wrecks Her Car + Her Chances

Will Amber be able to shake off her jitters and pull through on the big day?

The yips aren’t just for baseball all-stars and golf pros: On the next episode of Racing Wives, Amber, who’s finally ready to make her big racing debut at Hickory Motor Speedway, faces some serious pre-game jitters, and they might cost her everything.

In the sneak peek of the season finale below, Amber appears to be acing her practice run, during which she gets a feel for her new car and an unknown track. But all of a sudden, she hits the brake too soon, her car spins out and she nearly collides with a wall.
And then, suddenly, her promising future is up in the air, and Kyle and Samantha Busch are forced to question their investment.

“I’m so embarrassed that this was Samantha and Kyle’s first impression of me behind the wheel,” Amber says as she swallows her pride and rolls back toward the pit crew. “If I wrecked that car, everything would have been over. No race, nothing.”

Thankfully, Kyle calms Amber down by taking her around the track and pointing out spots for improvement. Still, it doesn’t help to mollify Sam, who’s suddenly worried that her sure-thing protege might be more of a risk to KBM than she realized.

“I have been so determined to get a female driver at KBM that I might have just forced this issue and thrown Amber in when she wasn’t ready,” Sam says.

But is Amber ready? And will she get her act together when the big day comes? Find out what happens on the season finale of Racing Wives Friday at 10/9c!