Michael Ray Took Chris Young’s Advice to Heart

"Kiss You in the Morning" Singer Will Headline CMT on Tour This Fall

As a new artist, Michael Ray asked Chris Young for advice — and those words of wisdom carried the newcomer through his first radio tour, promoting his breakout single, “Kiss You in the Morning.”

Fueled by that initial burst of popularity Ray’s career is still going strong with hits like “Think a Little Less,” “Get to You,” and “One That Got Way.” Prior to kicking off CMT on Tour in October, Ray dropped by the CMT office to talk about his earliest experiences on the road.

CMT: “Kiss Me in the Morning” was a No. 1 hit right off the bat. What do you remember about that time in your career?

MR: That was the weirdest time of my life, I think. We were on radio tour, we had the single picked. My grandfather — who, as everybody knows, I was very, very close with, he got me into music, the whole thing — passed away two weeks before the song went to radio. And so, emotionally … for me it was like, “Here I am, living the dream, getting my shot.” I’m up at bat, I’m getting my chance to hit the ball on this date. You know, everything else is going great, and then your whole world crumbles.

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