Ronnie Dunn Revives Another Country Classic

This Time It's “That’s How I Got to Memphis”

Ronnie Dunn considered naming his upcoming covers project Dunn for Fun — and truly that’s the spirit that comes through on Re-Dunn, a 24-song album set for release in January 2020. A dozen tracks are country, while the others are classic rock.

Dunn has notched his own bounty of country classics since the ’90s with Brooks & Dunn, the duo that will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year. The powerhouse singer paid a visit to to chat about the two country tracks released so far: “That’s How I Got to Memphis” and “Amarillo by Morning.”

CMT: Why did “That’s How I Got to Memphis” grab you for this project?

RD: Deryl Dodd’s version of “That’s How I Got to Memphis” is one of my favorite cuts, just flat out. And when I would talk to people that I knew, they’d all bring it up. There’s no way that I beat that. That wasn’t the intent. I was just out having fun cutting stuff where I thought, “What if that song had been pitched to me?” Or, “I wish I had that one.” And that’s one of them.

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