Cole Swindell Is Having a Full, Full-Circle Moment

How He Moved from the Sidelines to the Stage

We all know the Cole Swindell backstory, right? He met Luke Bryan through their Sigma Chi fraternity at Georgia Southern University, and then when Swindell moved to Nashville to chase his neon rainbow, one of his first jobs was selling the merch at Bryan’s shows.

So in 2008, when Bryan put on his very first farm concert in Claxton, Georgia for about 2,200 people, Swindell was there on the sidelines selling t-shirts.

But by 2012, Swindell was on the stage.

“I remember that first show, because it was just me and Joel (Hutsell) on guitar. We did ’Chillin’ It,’ but that was my only song and it hadn’t been released yet. I didn’t have a record deal or a band or anything. Me and Joel just played cover songs,” Swindell told me before he opened for Bryan at the Marshall, Wisconsin Farm Tour stop on Sept. 26.

“But this whole thing has come such a long way. I never dreamed of playing in a town this small, but this is so unique because being out here is one of those things where I feed off the crowd. Always. And I know it’s special to Luke and it’s special to me that we get to do this together.”

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