Maren Morris and Hozier Join the Mutual Adoration Society

LISTEN HERE: "The Bones" Gets an Even Stronger Foundation

It was literally just two days ago when Irish singer/songwriter Hozier posted a video acoustic cover of Maren Morris’”The Bones.” She retweeted it, obviously, calling it stunning.

And already, the two stars have collaborated for a brand new redo of the ballad and released it out into the world.

Morris wrote the song with Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz, and when I first heard it, it became an immediate favorite. The kind of song you just can’t get enough of. And now with Hozier in the mix, it’s next-level good.

“When I first heard ‘Like Real People Do’ I think I could actually hear my heart breaking and then immediately felt songwriter envy that I didn’t write it first,” Morris said of how she feels about her new duet partner. “Hozier’s soul and vulnerability is so arresting and fit so well with the foundational theme of my song ‘The Bones.’ I feel so grateful to have him on it.”

It sounds like the feeling is mutual for the alt-rocker. “Something of love’s enduring nature really comes through on ’The Bones,’ it’s a gorgeous song. I was delighted to be asked to sing with the Maren Morris on this track,” Hozier said, adding,”she is such a wonderful artist.”

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