Michael Ray and Carly Pearce: Every Little Thing About Their Farm Wedding

Jake Owen Was There For the Couple's First Dance

First comes love. Then comes the five-carat diamond ring. Then comes, well, every little thing.

On Sunday (Oct. 6), country singers Michael Ray and Carly Pearce were married in an intimate ceremony with about 100 friends and family members. A story in People has all the details.

The where:
The wedding was held at Drakewood Farm outside of Nashville. The weather didn’t cooperate for an outdoor wedding, so the ceremony was held inside one of the rustic barns.

The music:
Jake Owen was there for the couple’s first dance, with his “Made for You” ballad written by Benjy Davis, Joey Hyde and Neil Medley. “I told him the date, and he immediately went to his calendar, and was like, ‘I’m in. I would love to. I’ve never been a wedding singer before.’ So it all worked,” Ray said.

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