Thomas Rhett: “I Can’t Believe My Life Turned Out This Way”

BMI Hosts Party for "Sixteen," "Look What God Gave Her"

Even the weather was cheering Thomas Rhett on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 9) as he stood in the crowd, chatting with his co-writers on the wide sixth-floor balcony of the BMI building overlooking downtown Nashville.

A horde of friends and associates from Music Row had gathered to celebrate the No. 1 chart success of Rhett’s “Sixteen,” which he had written with Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur, and “Look What God Gave Her,” his composition with Rhett Akins (his dad), Julian Bunetta, Josh Ryan, Jacob Kasher and Ammar Malik.

A cool breeze blew through the crowd, nudging the cotton-candy clouds overhead and obliterating memories of the blast-furnace sunshine that had scorched the city in recent weeks. Guests lingered at the bar and food table or relaxed on the overstuffed couches and chairs arranged in circles near the improvised stage.

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