DCC: Making the Team Season 14, Ep. 11 Recap: Cameo Day + A Cooking Challenge

Are You Ready for Your Closeup, Ladies?

Cameo Day has arrived on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team! In case you didn’t know, that’s the official photoshoot day when all the publicity shots for the entire season are taken for the DCC social platforms and publications.

No pressure to be at your most fabulous self, right?

“To make it to cameo is a huge deal,” Kelli reveals. And it’s the first day that the new candidates are putting on the uniform that was custom made for them. Talk about motivation to make the team!

After eight weeks of dance evaluations, it’s important for the girls to have the other pieces of the puzzle together: the look, the vibe, the fun-loving attitude, and the shine that comes through in pictures.

Not having those elements in your arsenal could jeopardize your shot at becoming a DCC.

On the set, Ashley can pose herself to death and we are here for every single minute of her realness, but Meredith, although breathtakingly beautiful, seems to struggle a bit with her nerves.

Kelli decides to give her a little bit of time to loosen up. Meanwhile, Lily struggles

Julia, Chandi, Amanda, Kristin, Victoria, Shaina, Kelcie, Taylor P., all nailed it. And Kat?

“She’s a star. She’s Vanessa Williams meets Beyonce,” Kelli told Judy.

Back to Meredith—after an onsite alteration, our girl got back in front of the camera and it was game-changing and magical. You go, girl.

Meanwhile, back on the field, Kelli and Judy have three cuts to make before the first game in two weeks, and they are feeling the pressure.

If you remember last week, sweet Julia was in a car accident while on her way to rehearsal. Thankfully, she escaped any major injuries and is back tonight and cleared to dance for the first time. Kelli and Judy tell her, however, that if she feels weird or if she needs to stop, to just give them the signal.

The pre-game routine starts without any major problems: a few mistakes by Meredith, Shaina, and Julia, but otherwise, it was a good run. Victoria is on top of things so she’s moved into a new rookie position to help her fellow hopefuls.

It’s hard, y’all. So hard. We couldn’t do any of this.

Julia visits the office to talk about her media day podcast, err…blip. Remember the comment about using DCC as a resume booster for her broadcast career? Yeah. That one didn’t sit well with any of the judges or Judy and Kelli. Julia explains that that is not what she meant and that it was a poor choice of words. Kelli and Judy don’t look 100% convinced, but it is apparent that Julia may just need more media coaching to help her diplomatically get her points across. It’s a “teachable moment,” according to Kelli.

Now for something completely different: learned about cooking and meal prepping. Kevin Curry from Fit Men Cook pops into the stadium to teach the girls all about cooking for nutrition and fuel.


But this ain’t just a class on nutrition… this is officially the Tex Mex Fit Women Cook Cookoff!

Count on Kelli and Judy to make it a challenge!

Not everyone is a cook… God bless, Victoria. Maddie is right at home and so is Meredith. We just love the girls cheering each other on. This is a really good group and a great day of team-building.

So, who wins the challenge? The underdogs! Victoria, Amy, and Amanda with the Shrimp Quinoa and guacamole.

Back on the field, because there’s no time to rest, the girls once again go to work on their field entrance, pre-game triangle, kick line, and jump splits. Shaina can’t seem to find her energy and appears to be marking, but a bigger issue comes up when it seems that a candidate has gone down…

Bridget appears to have passed out—she was exhausted and dehydrated. A girl’s gotta eat, and she hadn’t. Fortunately, she was just fine after water and a snack. Whew!

But we still have another problem—cuts. Remember last week, Kelli and Judy didn’t make cuts last week because they weren’t ready, but tonight could be different.

Shaina is the first to be called into the office tonight. She’s great on camera, great at media, beautiful in photos, but she’s not as strong as she needs to be on the field…

It’s been a tough summer for sweet Shaina. She lost three of her friends in a tragic helicopter accident right in the middle of training camp and really hasn’t had time to process that trauma.

Sadly, it is going to be Shaina last night with DCC, but in a way, the dancer sees it as a sign and an opportunity to work through her grief and deal with the tremendous changes in her personal life.

Judy and Kelli think she just needs more time and love on her before she leaves, saying they hope they see her again. And we do, too.

Who will survive another week of camp? Find out on an all-new Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airing next Friday, Oct. 18 at 9 PM ET/8 CT on CMT.

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