Reba McEntire: CMT Artist of a Lifetime

Live Special Airs Oct. 16 at 8 pm/ET

You could ignore half of Reba McEntire’s career credits and she’d still rank as a CMT Artist of a Lifetime. Just think of it: Singer, songwriter, recording artist, record producer, multi-media actress, music publisher, talent manager and booker and inspiration to generations of up-and-coming country artists. Yet, Reba — one name will do it — vows she’s never operated from a grand design, instead taking opportunities as they came. Of course, she’s had a hand in maximizing those opportunities.

“I have no idea what’s next,” she insists as she talks with CMT about the circumstances that made her who and what she is today. “I always look to the Lord for that. I always have. Because people will say, ’What are you going to do next year in your career?’ And I’ll say, ’I don’t have a clue. Things will be presented to me.’… I always had confidence. But as far as my plans for the future, I wait and listen.”

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