CMT AOTY: Luke Combs Gets a Chrissy Metz Serenade

"This One's Going Real High on the Shelf," Combs Says of the Award

The 2019 CMT Artists of the Year show started off with a big bang when Johnny Galecki from The Big Bang Theory took the stage early on Wednesday night (Oct. 16) at Nashville’s Schermerhorn Symphony Center to help present Luke Combs, one of this year’s honorees, with his award.

“Just a few years ago, Luke (Combs) was essentially broke, getting by on odd jobs and playing gigs at college bars. When he stared writing and recording his own songs,” Galecki explained, “one of those turned out to be the massive online hit ’Hurricane.’ Since then, Luke has had millions of streams, a debut album that broke every sales record, and now he’s selling out arenas all over the country. This isn’t just a success story. This is an explosion.”

Then he introduced Chrissy Metz, from yet another massively popular TV show This Is Us, so she could honor Combs with her version of Combs’ “Even Though I’m Leaving.”

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