DCC: Making the Team Season 14, Ep. 12 Recap: A Show Group Touchdown + Scary Injuries

Also Known as the Episode Where We Held Our Breath for an Hour
Let’s jump right into last Friday’s (Oct. 18) episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, because there is no time to waste.

Literally—there’s only one week left until the first official Cowboys game.

So, no one panic, but—Bridget was called into the office first thing this week. As Kelli told her, there’s no reason to be nervous. They only want to see how she’s feeling (remember that Bridget gave everyone a scare when she passed out during the previous rehearsal.)

All is well, thankfully. Poor Bridget just forgot to hydrate and eat properly, which is actually a very big deal.

“I don’t think anybody realizes what three hours of hard dancing requires,” Kelli said.

True words there—Kelli did congratulate Bridget on coming to life this year like a total Rockstar.

Rehearsals get right to the point tonight right out of the gate: Kelli and Judy have two cuts left and one week before the game. It’s time to focus on who is consistent, dependable and shines on the field.

Meredith, Kat and Julia are the three contenders sharpest in their view—and immediately, Julia is the weakest link.

Then we have another dancer down. Oh Maddie—no, Maddie! Her knee has been a problem for the last few nights, and during the field entrance and pre-game, it flared on her in the most painful way.

She’s gonna be sidelined for the rest of rehearsal to prevent long-term injury, and we’re just praying and sending all our good vibes that she heals QUICKLY.

We get to know Taylor P tonight! “When I was nine, my mom and grandpa signed me up for a DCC camp,” she said. And that’s when the dream began. She trained hard through adolescence, but then began to feel the burn-out. After taking a break for herself, she rediscovered her passion for dance. Soon after, she became a dancer for the Phoenix Suns… and now a hopeful for DCC just trying to make her grandpa proud. What a sweetheart!

“We write each other letters every week to keep in touch,” she shares. Please pass the tissues. That is precious.

Back to the field: Julia, oh girl. It was a hard rehearsal for her. Kelli and Judy then transition into a little game they like to call “Follow the Leader.” This is a brilliant move, because it teaches the girls how to jump into a routine at random when music comes on during an actual game.

Amy’s Group 1 did great—Kat only made a minor mistake, but otherwise, they all looked fabulous.

With Maddie sitting this one out to nurse her knee, Lexie stepped in as Group 2 leader in their posse, and she did an amazing job. Kelli and Judy were definitely impressed. Sweet Julia struggled again.

Group 3 also did well. Kelli did note that Kristin “let off the gas” at some point, something that cannot happen during the main season.

Group 4 was thrown for an understandable loop. Tess’ group got off to a rocky start with a pretty random song and had to begin again. But they picked up the energy and did an amazing job—especially Lily.

“The field has been her friend,” Kelli said, and Judy agreed. Even Meredith pushed herself harder.

But it was time for the inevitable office call, and this might be the most emotional one we’ve seen all season. Julia is asked to come back and immediately feels the sense of foreboding that this may not end well. Kelli and Judy talk to her about the notes she’s been given this season: her media training, her rigidity in dance. And though they see that she absolutely does have what it takes, they don’t believe she’s ready this year.

It is devastating for Julia, who is just shattered by the news. But she pulls through and she thanks them for the experience and the friendships that camp gave her.

Julia should absolutely come back next year. Absolutely.

Gina is back this week to really break down the results of the CORE personality tests that the girls took earlier in the season. (If I were a bettin’ woman, I’d say I’m a Relater.)

It truly is an integral part to have a well-balanced team. You have to know your natural tendencies, strengths, and weakness to learn how to be a better teammate. One of the most important lessons from the meeting was the realization that for some girls, the emotions that come from a teammate being cut stick around longer than normal.

It’s a hard struggle, and everyone processes it differently. But if this season has shown us anything, it’s that these girls will be there for each other no matter what.

Another surprise this week—the first performance from show group!

It’s opening ceremony day for the Dallas Cowboys Training camp, and there’s not a more perfect time to get out there in front of fans for the first time. The girls are going to put on their uniforms (OMG!) and perform a sideline routine and then have a costume change and perform one of Denise Dicharry’s routines.

No pressure, right?

Oh, we’re talking for Judy, too. The girls will be dancing right in front of the Jones family, and there are crazy costume changes and technical hiccups.

But you’ve got this Judy… and we love it when your inner Kelli comes out!

Ps. Did y’all catch Victoria’s mom, also a former DCC, in the stands? TOO CUTE!

So, the show group routines went off without a hitch. Overall, Kelli was really happy and so was Judy.

The next rehearsal brings a huge surprise—Charlotte Jones is back! This is the first time she’s watched the ladies since the final auditions.

“I want all of you to show Charlotte why you are still here!” Kelli declared. Yes, ladies, you can do this.

But not before another injury pops up: this time, it’s Alexis. She has some visible spasms in her back and opts to sit out and go to the doctor before risking further injury and Kelli and Judy agree with her.

So, the dances begin, and everything is going really well so far. Charlotte notes that Kat has great projection, but she wonders if Meredith is powerful enough for the field.

Then come the pom drops, kickline, and jump splits, and we thought Judy was going to come out her seat. It was that messy.

But overall, Charlotte was impressed. She had so many compliments for the girls, including Kat, Meredith, Amanda, Lisa, and more.

Charlotte really believes that all of the 37 dancers look like they belong on that field… but there can only be 36. So, what will Kelli and Judy decide?

Find out next week on the season finale of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs Oct. 25 at 9 PM ET/8 CT on CMT.

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