Carrie Underwood Admits the Stage Can Be a Danger Zone

"We All Put Our Lives on the Line Night After Night"

What an encore.

At the very end of Carrie Underwood’s concert on Thursday night (Oct. 17), she almost closed her show flat on the floor.

When she was running around the stage saying goodnight to the fans and high fiving her band members — no easy feat in heels — she came very close to a slip and fall. If not for her guitarist Chad Jeffers, who clearly saw what was about to happen and grabbed hold of Underwood.

“Our stage can be a dangerous place,” Underwood joked on Twitter the morning after the near miss, “especially in heels! We all put our lives on the line night after night for the sake of the music!!! Thankfully, @ChadJeffers was there to catch me!”

It is certainly not the first time a country singer has stumbled on stage. In fact, it’s happened to the best of them:

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