DCC: Making the Team Trivia: Season 14, Ep. 12

Who Made the Cut This Week? Test Your Knowledge with a Brand-New Trivia!

We cannot believe there is only ONE week left on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader: Making the Team before the first NFL game of the Dallas Cowboys… which means, we’re one step closer to the season finale of our show.

We have the feels, y’all. All the feels.

The girls are hanging in there, but it was a tough week of pressure and injuries. Fortunately, there was also a big silver lining as the show group dominated their first public performance at the opening for the Cowboys Training.

How much do you remember from season 14, episode 3? Trivia is up! Let’s see if you can tackle it. See what we did there? “Tackle it?” We thought it was “punny.”

The season 14 finale of DCC: Making the Team airs this Friday, Oct. 25 at 9 PM ET/8 CT only on CMT.

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