UPDATE: They Wore It Well, the Country Stars in Costume

Our Best-Dressed List for Halloweens, Past and Present

What’s that saying? There’s no such thing as a new idea? Well, we beg to differ. It seems to us that country stars are full of all kinds of creativity: whether they are writing songs or coming up with new and different Halloween costumes.

And we have some pictures to prove it.

I mean, come on. Can you even recognize Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline?

Or Keith Urban as the late Tom Petty?

The list goes on and on and on. We’ll keep adding to the gallery as we count down the days until Halloween (Oct. 31.)

NEW PHOTOS JUST IN. Isaiah as the Grinch? We can’t even.

And some artists have even started to post their 2019 costumes and decor on Instagram and Twitter.

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Just hanging by the fire with their new friends

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