CMT Hot 20 Decade: “Take Your Time,” Sam Hunt

“Most people either really liked it or really didn't like it”

Editor’s Note: CMT Hot 20 Countdown takes a look back on 10 years of incredible music with Decade, a weekly segment that features a modern country classic that made its greatest impact between 2010 and 2019. This week, Sam Hunt talks about his 2014 single, “Take Your Time.” CMT Hot 20 Countdown airs at 9/8c Saturday and Sunday mornings.

CMT: I know you co-wrote “Take Your Time.” Take me through where that song came from.

Hunt: Yeah. The idea for this song came up in a co-write with my buddy Josh Osborne and a third writer. That day I remember throwing out the idea to experiment with that sort of talking thing in those verses, and our third co-writer wasn’t really into it. Josh and I went with the flow and put the idea to the side. But after the write, Josh was like, “Hey, I did really like what you were doing. I think we should take that in with Shane next week when we write.” I think we were writing with Shane McNally the next week.

So they got into that writing and Josh was like, “Hey, do the thing you were doing in the write the other day. The ‘Take Your Time’ idea.” And so I started doing it. Shane really liked it and immediately got on board. The song fell out for me. A lot of times songs take a little while to finish, but that one came pretty quick. It was an experiment a little bit originally. I don’t know that I could have written it with any two different people other than Shane and Josh. It was a meant-to-be kind of thing. They jumped on board when the inspiration hit and we finished it that day.

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