Kelly Clarkson: Karaoke is Now Officially Kellyoke

We're Prayin' That It Keeps Goin' On Like This

This old 1995 Tim McGraw song “I Like It, I Love It” is almost everyone’s go-to karaoke song. I mean, at least if you’re a country fan.

So when Kelly Clarkson covered it on one of the recent episodes of her Kelly Clarkson Show — calling it Kellyoke — it felt so good and so right.

The song was only McGraw’s third No. 1, if that’s any indication of timeless a 24-year-old song can be. It was penned by Jeb Stuart Anderson, Steve Dukes and Mark Hall, and the video was directed by the late Sherman Halsey.

And when Clarkson did it, she didn’t just do a little bit. She took it all the from the “Spent 48 dollars last night at the county fair” to “washing my truck to pick her up to watch TV.”

She left out the part about holdin’ umbrellas, opening up doors, taking out the trash, sweeping the floor, crossing fingers, counting every kiss and prayin’ that it keeps goin’ on like this, but it was still one of the very best McGraw covers we’ve seen in ages.

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