Chris Janson: Sometimes Song Titles Just Roll Out

“Good Vibes” Singer Chats With CMT Hot 20 Countdown

The power of positive thinking is paying off for Chris Janson, who’s scored a No. 1 hit this month with “Good Vibes,” an upbeat anthem he wrote with Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley.

“At the time we wrote ‘Good Vibes,’ we had no plans or preparation for writing a new album or releasing a new album or any kind of date set,” Janson tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown. “That song just happened to spur a bunch of creativity. … So I wrote like 40 other songs, we picked 11, and made a new album.”

That new album, Real Friends, dropped just a few days after the chart-topping success of “Good Vibes.” Here, Janson explains why he spent more time focused on songwriting for this project, why he casts his wife in all his videos, and how that sunny day in the music video is just a bit deceiving.
CMT: I wanted to get some back story on “Good Vibes” when you were writing it. Was it just that you didn’t want any negativity?

Janson: Yeah. We were writing and we didn’t want any negativity. I try to stay away from negativity as much as you can be in life. But that’s human nature. And we were kind of grumbling around. I mean, this is what people do, especially when they get together. They start downin’ this, downin’ that, and complain about this, complain about that. You can get in such a quick web of that, easy. So it was real simple. I said, “Good vibes only,” kind of jokingly. I never intended to write a song called “Good Vibes.”

I mean, historically, I never intended to write a single called “Buy Me a Boat,” “Truck Yeah,” none of that. It just happened, you know. But it all happened because of a catchphrase that happened to roll out of my mouth. So that’s what happened. And it set a funny tone in the room like, “Ha, ha. That would never work.” And now it’s working. … So we’re grateful for that. And it’s a positive message. There’s nothing in the song that you can hate on. That’s the good thing. It’s not controversial whatsoever. It just puts me in a good mood, so I hope it puts others in a good mood.

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