Scary Carrie, Garth’s Ghost Story, and 13 Other Spooky Songs

These Country Classics Might Send Chills Down Your Spine

With Halloween upon us, we turn our attention to digging out our Blake Shelton and Dolly Parton masks, it’s a good time to remember that country music has always been congenial to strange and scary songs — and not all of them concerning erotic fixations on pickup trucks.

Here are 15 tunes with widely varying fear factors as they apply to stalkers, spirits, apparitions, murderers, religious miracles and kindred chill-inducing elements. So cross your fingers, check what’s behind you and read on—if you dare.

“Two Black Cadillacs” (Carrie Underwood, 2012)
Trifling with one passionate woman is dangerous enough, but crossing two of them at once can prove fatal, as it has here to the “good man” being buried. The two surviving “black widows” are scarier than ghosts.

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