The Doors to Blake Shelton and Garth Brooks’ “Dive Bar” Are Now Open

WATCH: Brand New Video Goes Deep

Back in September, in a Facebook chat with his fans, Garth Brooks explained why he needed to make his new “Dive Bar” video with Blake Shelton go so deep. “I hate to say this because it sounds egotistical, forgive me if it does, but we’ve become known for doing videos of this kind because we don’t do a lot. So unless it’s something that brings another whole dimension to the song,” Brooks had said, “we’re not gonna do it.

“This one brought a 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension to the song.”

Which is exactly what you’d expect from an artist who doesn’t make music videos very often. In fact, Brooks hasn’t made a video since the one for “Midnight Sun” video in 2008.

Brooks wrote “Dive Bar” with Mitch Rossell and Bryan Kennedy.

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