What Luke Bryan Means to Jon Langston

It's Who He Knows That Led to "Now You Know"

Luke Bryan wasn’t the first artist to see something in newcomer Jon Langston.

The very first big shot to see Langston’s potential was Rhett Akins. About a month after Langston moved to Nashville in 2014, he got a direct message from Akins on Twitter. “He hit me up on Twitter. It was a direct message that just said, ’Holler at me. Rhett’ and it had his cell phone number,” Langston told me about that first contact with a seriously successful songwriter. “I was so shocked. I had to check and make sure it was really him, but when I looked, sure enough it was the blue check verified account.”

What likely piqued Akins’ interest was the first song Langston had on YouTube in 2013, “Forever Girl.”

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