Nashville Squares Bonus Scenes: Bah! Chris Sullivan Gives Goat Yoga a Go

Plus, Sara Evans reveals her *very* secret talents.

Where CMT’s Nashville Squares is concerned, the sound of zen isn’t so much “ohmmmm” as it is “bahhhh.”
Bob Saget and the show’s collection of country-leaning celebrity guests certainly made the show’s Nov. 1 premiere a memorable one. But one thing you didn’t see? This Is Us actor Chris Sullivan attempting a session of good ol’ fashioned goat yoga. Certainly not something you’ll see at your local studio…

In the scene above, and after a challenge from Saget, Chris descends down the stairs, tears off his jacket and ten-gallon hat and meets his adorable partner-in-meditation: a tiny goat. The actor tries a few moves with clunky results, but finally, and with Saget’s help, he gets the hang of things.

“This is it? Are we doing goat yoga?” he asks as Saget holds the got steady from behind.

“I was more concerned about having a Saget behind me than a goat on top of me,” Sullivan jokes when the session’s eventually over.
Elsewhere on the show, singer Sara Evans revealed that in an alternate universe, she was more athlete than recording artist. When Saget asks in the clip above what Evans’ secret talents are, she says she’s got a knack for sports.

“I don’t mean to brag: I’m not just a singer; I grew up in a family of seven kids, and I have seven kids myself,” she says. “But if I hadn’t started singing when I was four years old, I probably would have gone into sports somehow.”

“I will be tumbling later tonight,” she jokes. “I did splits on Dancing With the Stars.”

She really did! Look!

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