You Can Leave Your Hat Off, Justin Moore

WATCH: Is He Hanging Up His Bullhide for Good?

Sigh. I have always loved a man in a cowboy hat. I think that cowboy aesthetic might be what initially pulled me into country music.

Nonetheless, the idea of a Hat Act in country music is no longer the only way to outfit an artist. Backwards ball caps, knit beanies, wool boater hats, bowlers and trilbys and are the new cowboy hats, it seems.

And sometimes, there’s no hat at all.

For the first time in his 11-year career as a country artist, Justin Moore took his signature hat off when he sang on a live TV event at the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. the Indianapolis Colts game on Sun. (Nov. 3), as part of the pre-game Salute to Service. He performed his heartbreaking ballad, “The Ones Who Didn’t Make It Back Home.” Moore wrote the song with Paul DiGiovanni, Chase McGill and Jeremy Stover.

Before kickoff, Moore was surrounded by local military members who have recently returned from deployment. And to cap off the performance, the US Army Black Daggers parachute team landed on the field.

“Was a privilege to help the Pittsburgh Steelers honor the troops yesterday at Heinz Field,” Moore said of his hatless performance.

There’s no word on whether Moore is hanging up his hat — a Bullhide Redneck Side Cowboy Hat that you can actually get on Amazon — for good, or if this was just a test.

Either way, I think Moore’s fans care more about the music than the wardrobe. But then again, some of our favorite pictures of Moore through the years are the ones where he leaves his hat on.

Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Capital Concerts Inc
Mark Davis/Getty Images
Cody Villalobos