East Coast Dives, Garth Brooks Is Coming for You

His Sixth and Seventh Stops Are 300 Miles Apart

It started in Chicago, when Garth Brooks took the small stage at Joe’s Bar back in July. He dove in to his first Dive Bar show, hook, line and sinker. He then went on to stops in California, Texas, Florida and Ohio. Now Brooks is headed east.

These are the next Dive Bar stops he announced on Tuesday (Nov. 5):

The evening of December 2, he will play Prospectors in Mt. Laurel, NJ

The night of December 2, he will do another show at the Six String in Foxboro, MA

The show at the Six String — 300 miles from Prospectors — will be the final show of the Dive Bar tour. Which probably has Brooks feeling just as bittersweet as his fans. Because even after playing countless stadiums and arenas, Brooks seems just as at home on a tiny stage with an intimate crowd. In his early days, he played places like Thumper’s, Willie’s Saloon, the Lazy E, Bamboo Ballroom, Norm’s, Graham’s Central Station, the Tumbleweed, and even a makeshift stage set up for a talent show at Oklahoma State University. “For me, there’s no difference between playing for five people or 500,000. None at all. It’s still about getting it down to that one-on-one communication. It’s maybe even a little more nerve-racking to play for five people than it is for 500,000,” he’d said in one of his Anthology books.

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