“You Wouldn’t Believe the Chaos Backstage,” Dolly Parton Says of CMA Awards

There Will Be Rhinestones, and Then More Rhinestones

“We’ve been at it a while.”

That’s what Dolly Parton admitted about her long awards-show history. Parton and Reba McEntire took time out from their rehearsals for their co-hosting gig at the CMA Awards on Wednesday night (Nov. 13) to talk about how they are preparing with Carrie Underwood.

“She’s a youngster, but she’s perfect at it,” McEntire said. “At first I thought it was like herding cats, but by the second time, it all fell in together.”

Underwood, the show’s main host and one of the night’s entertainer of the year nominees, said that for her the greatest moment of the night will be seeing who’s out in the audience and on the stage. “Looking around at all the talent. The amazing women. The gorgeous, smart, talented women.”

And while Parton admitted that it’s a big night for all three hosts — no matter how many times you’ve graced an awards-show stage — she joked about everything that would be happening in the dressing rooms.

“We’re just trying to worry about getting the right clothes and coordinating our make up and our hair. All the girly things,” she said. “See, that’s the trouble with doing a show with all girls. You wouldn’t believe the chaos backstage.”

“You can’t get too many rhinestones,” Parton shared. “I never met a rhinestone I didn’t like.”